Buying properties in pre-construction advantages

Buying properties in pre-construction has several advantages, including:

  1. Lower prices: Properties in pre-construction usually have a lower price than properties that are already built, which can result in a great investment opportunity.

  2. Customization opportunity: By buying a property in pre-construction, the buyer has the opportunity to customize some details of the property, such as finishes, wall color, among others.

  3. Higher profitability: If the buyer plans to invest in the property and then sell it once it is completed, they may be able to obtain a higher return on investment due to the increase in the value of the property once construction is completed.

  4. New and modern: By buying a property in pre-construction, the buyer gets a new and modern property that will likely include advanced technology and contemporary features.

  5. Staggered payments: In many cases, buyers of properties in pre-construction can make staggered payments during the construction process, which can be easier to handle financially than paying the full price of the property all at once.

However, there are also some risks and disadvantages associated with buying properties in pre-construction, such as uncertainty about the construction schedule, possible delays, and the possibility of costs increasing. Therefore, it is important to research and carefully consider all options before making a pre-construction purchase decision.


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