Sycamore Resort

Welcome to Sycamore Resort, Located in Orlando Florida. Sycamore is a one-of-a-kindInvestment opportunity. Located just minutes from Orlando’s famous attractions, shopping, dining,and much more placing sycamore in an ideal location for Investors to purchase an investment property being the closest new development to Walt Disney World that can generate income via being rented to domestic and international tourist traveling to Orlando.

This Investment opportunity features 1,2-& 3-bedroom condominiums that are fully furnished. In addition,Sycamore resort features an onsite property management team and booking team to facilitate generating income while maintaining Investor’speace of mind knowing that their investment is well always taken care of. Sycamore resort is unique in that the property features a 10% leaseback; this guarantees that investors receive rental income for the first year equal to 10% of the purchase price.

If the investor needs financing, our team at American International Realty will assist our clients in qualifying for a loan. This is a very simple process. All you need is 30% down payment and the rest gets financed with low rates starting from 5% annually.*For more information, contact one of our agents today by filling out a contact form

Why invest?
10 Advantages of Investing in Sycamore

1 – 10% guaranteed return min. 1 year
2 – Privileged location
3 – The Most Complete Resort
4 – Daily entertainment
5 – 4-star hotel services and amenities
6 – Worry-free experience
7 – Green Building Certificate
8 – A single sales step
9 – Integral space design
10- Classic style-industrial chic

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